What price should I sell text links from my website?
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What price should I sell text links from my website?

I have a small 1-year-old website with growing traffic (currently around 4500 a month). Somebody has approached me to buy text links from the site. It would be 7 text links total and clustered in a small paragraph of no more than 25 words on the homepage. How do I figure out the market price for these links?

Here is an example:

Check out our Bon Jovi tour schedule, Metallica tickets, Beyonce tickets, Jay-Z tickets, Rolling Stones tickets, Radiohead tickets and Cher tickets.

Additional facts about my website: Alex ranking of 389,000; Pagerank 4.
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Best answer: I sold text links to a ticket broker for $350 a year for a similar cluster, with a guarantee that I would not sell links to any other ticket broker. This was a PR 3 site with less traffic than yours.
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I was contacted on a similar type deal & said no thanks......me think it was a scam.....broken English no straight answers & they would not call me on a landline phone........
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