Where can ten of us eat brunch in Toronto?
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TonontoBrunchFilter: Where can eight to ten people get a table brunch, in Toronto, on the weekend, preferably in the west end.

We are in Toronto. My friends like brunch. I like brunch. But a lot of other people like brunch, too, and so places are crowded, and it can be pretty much impossible to get a table for 8-10 people.

We eat a lot at the Cadillac Lounge. But my friends are tired of going there all the time.

Thing is - it seems that while there are lots of brunch places, there aren't lots where you can reliably seat a large group during the weekend brunch rush. (The Caddy is generally great for this).

Got any suggestions? We mostly live around Queen/Dufferin, so this part of town is good, but we can bike around, too.

Our restaurant tastes vary, so anything from filthy diner to fancy-pants will equally please and upset some of us. Really, we just want to sit town together on a Sunday (or Saturday) at 11:30.

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(When I wrote: "Where can eight to ten people get a table brunch", I meant "Where can eight to ten people get a table for brunch". There is no such thing as a table brunch).

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I can't think of anywhere offhand, but when I have questions like this I always go to the TO Chowhound board. They'll be able to help you out.
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Not near the west end, but Eggstacy on Bay north of Bloor is nice... I also like By the Way Cafe on Bloor west of Spadina... the Harbord Room on Harbord west of Spadina is a bit more pricey but very tasty. But in all those cases I am guessing with 8-10 of you would probably need a reservation. Mel's diner on Bloor west of Bathurst might be a good walk in option.
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Meer - Good idea! I'll post on chow.

Mod - I think a lot of places don't take a reservation for brunch. Mel's might be good, but in my experience it gets pretty busy there....
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I had brunch at The Kitchen on saturday, and it was pretty good! They also had a pretty big patio, and are new to brunch, so you'll probably be able to get a table.

There's also Mitzi's Sister, of course. And check TorontoBrunch.
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I've eaten brunch at The Gladstone Hotel. It's on West Queen West, and the food was excellent. It is a very unique and beautiful building.
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Closer to the "filthy diner" end of the spectrum I LOVE Java House. The reviews in that link to don't mention it but they have some great all-day breakfast choices.
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Mitsy's Sister? A bit further west, getting close to Roncesvales. The only issue might be the number of brunching participants.
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Can't spell, but Mitzi's has a website
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Thanks! These are good suggestions.
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Seconding Mitzi's. You should be fine getting 8-10 people seated together there, as long as you call ahead.
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