Library (API) for the website snapshot
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How to save a snapshot (image) of a webpage programatically.

I have a small bot that is crawling specific websites and I would like to store an low-res image of the front page once in a while.

Environment I am running at is Ubuntu and I would be very thankful if you could point me to any Python or Perl libraries I could use for this purpose. I

t could be well that I am taking this task too lightly since just a script would be not enough and once would need a complete browser environment for correct rendition. If you also could point me to any public API that could be accessed for this purpose, it would be great.
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Selenium gives you an API like this:
   browser = new firefoxbrowser;'');
It's also supports all kinds of browser interactions, if you want to do more than just grab the front page.
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You could use browsershots for this, which features an API.
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webthumb. The first link on the google search is a paid for public API. Looks simple to use. Further links include Linux software that'll do this for you.
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