Help me buy a new mobile phone
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Help me buy a new mobile phone please

I have it narrowed down to the LG Viewty or the Samsung Tocco. I can't find much information comparing the two anywhere so:
Which one has a better camera? The slow motion filming on the Viewty seems cool? Does it work?
What are the touch screens like to use on both? I do a lot of texting.
Are there any little niggly things that would seem like nothing if i tested the phone in a shop that over time would make me hate the phone and myself?
Battery life, durability, etc.

I'm on the Meteor network in Ireland and don't want to change networks.
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Best answer: I had a Viewty for a few months. Really didn't get on with it. Touchscreen on the Viewty is sucky - particularly if you've ever used an iPod or Apple touchscreen. The battery life on them is less than spectacular and the camera is amongst the worst I've ever had on any phone. (It's 5 megapixel, sure, but won't focus, is slow and generally uncooperative.

I'm more used to Nokia phones for interface etc. so make of that what you will. LG phones are far less realised and finished feeling than Nokia phones. Even the Windows mobile I had seemed polished in comparison.

Having said all that, my girlfriend and sister are still using theirs around 18 months later and they're only as sucky as they ever were (which is to say, their suckiness does not increase with wear.)
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