Peace and Sirenity
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I need a siren whistle, in Vermont, by Friday.

Like this. And this.

My friends and I are using one for an avant-garde poetry band for our school's open-to-everyone concert type thing. We had a nice green one like in that picture, but I lost it. They're cheap as heck, but no brick-and-mortar store seems to have them. Online would be great, but two-day shipping is something like 20 bucks for a 60 cent toy... I don't think so.

I've tried both VT Toy and Hobbies, Toys R Us, and one, extremely sketchy, music store.

Who knows where I can get one, for cheap, in two days?

P.S. If somebody had one in stock, I'd almost be willing to spend a disgusting amount on a nice, metal, ACME siren, but again, where are they?
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Response by poster: It should be mentioned: Searching for "heuler siren" or anything like that lands one in some pretty nasty-seeming parts of the internet. Beware.
posted by papayaninja at 9:28 PM on September 23, 2008

Is a "disgusting amount" around $35? here. Google Products gives the site itself a 4.5 star ranking.
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Damn. I had one recently that came in a christmas cracker. I have searched my desk and have come up empty handed. Good luck with the event. I'll keep looking.
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Best answer: I think Learning Express in Essex Jct. might carry these (the one in Burlington used to have them sometimes, but they're closed now). But check your mefi-mail -- I might have some at home that you'd be welcome to if I can find them.
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Response by poster: Learning Express didn't have them, but they told me to check iParty in Taft's Corners who did, in fact, have them. Thanks everybody for your help, and especially for offers of sirens. This performance couldn't happen without them!
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