iPhone 3G unlocking for any sim card problems.
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iPhone 3G unlocking for any sim card problems.

I have successfully jailbroken my iPhone 3G. Can install apps, its just I cannot use the iphone as a phone.

Is there any fixes or updates that can unlock a 3G iphone to work with any simcard. Or do I need to wait until it is released.

I successfully unlocked m 2G phone no problems, its just the 3 version.
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Still in development...
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There are devices like Turbo_SIM that piggyback onto SIM cards that supposedly will let you unlock any phone.

It looks like it intercepts injects/modifies SIM card traffic similar to modchips.
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At least in the US it is not possible to buy an unlocked iPhone 3G, or to currently unlock a unit.

The iPhone Dev Team is hard at work on getting this done, and will do doubt someday make it possible, but I wouldn't hold my breath just yet.
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sorry, you can't unlock a North American version. I bought one here in Australia for a friend, and I got it unlocked no problem. You can find those on ebay for a very high price. Also, I believe the New Zealand iphones come unlocked out of the box...(though I'm not 100% sure)
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I used one of those SIM unlock solutions on an iPhone 3G bought on eBay for a while, it seemed to work fine. I think the unlocking sim cost me about $20.
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