Skeleton stripper
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Help me find an animated short where a human stripper dances for aliens, and ends up stripping off her own skin until she dances as a skeleton...

Although similar, it's definitely not this.

The animation had the camera swinging round a circular stage, catching silouettes of the alien watchers. From memory it was to 'the stripper' music.

It was probably shown on UK's Channel Four about ten or so years ago.
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Sure your memory is not playing tricks on you, and it's Robbie William's "Rock DJ"?
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I VAGUELY remember an animated short like that, but it didn't show the camera revolving around the stage. I definitely remember the woman stripping, the "Stripper" music, and the skeleton.

But I ALSO remember the video to Robbie Williams' "Rock DJ" used the same premise (stripping down to skeleton), and that DID have a revolving-around-the-stage cinematography. Is it possible you've mentally melded the two together?
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Erm... it's always possible I've added the circular stage to my memory, but I don't think so.

Definitely not Rock DJ - it was only recently I've seen that without the censorship blur UK TV loved so much, and it was massively more gruesome than the animation.
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This sounds like a comic I remember by Charles Burns (NSFW), but I don't think I've seen any of his stuff animated. Does his artwork look familiar?
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She peels the flesh from her legs as if removing her stockings, and performs a disturbing shimmy to shuck her torso off over her head, leaving her to signal a bony touchdown. As soon as the practicalities of animating her get complex, she becomes a silhouette.

Then some rubber alien in the audience pops both of its eyes out with the classic "boioioioinggg".

The Monster Club, 1980, with Mr. Vincent Price. This makes an excellent third feature if you host drunken movie screenings.
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In fact, here it is.
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Or not. Wish your link had worked for me earlier!

Hope you find it.
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