Superhero Help Needed
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Imagine coming up with an idea for a new superhero, but having little artistic talent.

How would someone pitch an idea to a comic artist, or find a collaborator willing to draw it?
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I would just find someone online like on an image forum to maybe draw a sketch up for you but otherwise not really sure. On the topic however, what about programming man. Think about it. He can program things into real life. Like in snow crash's virtual reality.
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If you're at college (or near one), then try finding someone in an illustration class. The one here makes people dray a comic book for a class assignment.
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Response by poster: Javed_Ahamed, we have a very specific hero in mind, who has very specific powers, acquired said powers in a very specific manner, and is already very recognizable in real life. Sketches would likely not be needed - more like someone to translate existing stories from the written page to the drawn page. In fact, that may be a better route - perhaps these should just be written out in hopes thatan artist would be intrigued enough to volunteer a collaboration.

But thank you.
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Response by poster: theichibun, that is an excellent suggestion, thank you. There are several large universities nearby.
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Is there an alternative newsweekly where you live? In Seattle, the Stranger has a call to artists section in their classifieds for people looking for contributors/collaborators.
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There is a forum dedicated to this stuff.
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a graphic arts company, possibly a freelancer
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Given the glut of superhero comics on the market and the sheer difficulty of attracting a collaborator (hint: it involves you paying them), and the fact that you seem to have very clear ideas already, why not write a superhero novel?
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If you are near WDC/Baltimore, I can recommend someone you might want to talk to. Or I guess you could do it "long distance" if you're further away. MeMail me if you'd like the info.
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