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I connect to my PowerMac G5 (running OS 10.4.11) at work over a corporate vpn using a Macbook Pro (running OS 10.5.5). I do this using VPN (Vine Server and Vine Viewer), but I have to remain logged into my work computer in order to establish a connection. Is there a way to leave my work computer at a login screen (not logged in) and still keep Vine running so I can connect, then login to OS X? I currently have Vine set up to prompt me for a password, but anybody could still sit down at my work computer and use it because I have to remain logged into OS X.
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Why not just enable the password feature to unlock your screensaver. This would allow you to leave your computer on and awake, but still be protected from nosey-pokes walking by who might want to use your computer.

If your meaning is that you want others to be able to log into your computer but still have Vine running, you should find out whether Vine is supported or whether it works with Fast-User-Switching, which would allow you to keep your user logged in but let you switch to the login window so others could log in also. Some apps worth with FUS, some don't.
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1) Open Vine Server
2) Choose "System Server" from the Server menu and choose a password, etc.
3) Enjoy a VNC server that boots with the system even if you're not logged in.
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Of course, I think that requires admin privileges. If you don't have those, then the screensaver password is a good alternative.
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I had to go with the screen saver password option because even though I am an administrator on my mac, I couldn't configure the system server. The computer only has one user account, which is also the network account, and apparently a network connection isn't possible if you're not logged in. Screen saver idea works great though. Thanks!
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