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I'd like recommendations for blogs about coffee.

I'd like to read some well-written coffee blogging. I'm not super interested in the industry unless you think it'd be compelling reading for somebody who's not in it. What I'm looking for mostly is good writers who are enthusiastic about local shops, tasty bean varieties, getting an optimally delicious cup out of a French press, that sort of thing. (Podcasts might be good too.) What are your favorites, hive mind?
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It's not a blog, but the forums of Coffeegeek can be interesting. Lots of discussion about techniques and equipment.
posted by kdern at 10:24 AM on September 22, 2008

bread coffee chocolate yoga is pretty good
posted by exogenous at 10:41 AM on September 22, 2008

maybe starbucks gossip?
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Seconding bccy . Fortune writes well and is passionate and very knowledgable about the world of speciality coffee, I guarantee you'll learn a lot. She stopped blogging at the end of last year but thankfully in the last couple of weeks she's started posting again.
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MeFi's own deCadmus' blog, Bloggle.
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Starbucks Gossip is more about the company, its partners, its policies, its initiatives, and its products - not necessarily a great blog for "love of coffee" types IMO.
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A friend has a non-industry personal blog, Taming Coffee.
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