More lightgun shooters coming?
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When will there be good games that take advantage of the Wii Zapper?

My wife and I enjoy Link's crossbow training, but the other games that have been released that use the zapper pretty much suck. Resident evil is depressingly repetitive. Call me what you want, but I want something like Area 51, or even a Big buck hunter. I want an Arcade style shooter with a little depth to it. Has anyone played any of the hunting styles games and do they work with the zapper?
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I forgot what the name of the wiiware game is but there is a western style shooter that I enjoyed, fairly cheap and worth the download.
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I would pick up House of the Dead 2 & 3 Returns or Ghost Squad.
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Wild West Guns
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When you say Resi, do you mean Resi4 wii edition or the execrable Umbrella Chronicles? If the second, get the first.
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I played both of the resident evil games. not my style (nor my wife's). scary/gory isn't her thing. and if I am going to drop $50 on a game, it better be wife approved.
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AloneOssifer nails it, both of those are good for simple arcade-style action (because they were both originally arcade games).

If you want something incredibly silly like Area 51, check out Target: Terror...

The common review theme is that "it sucks so bad that it's funny"
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Not traditionally what you're looking for, I know, but the plunger-shooting portions of the Raving Rabbids are pretty great. Also, you can probably get both of them for $20 a piece nowadays....
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