When everyone else is willing to pay more than you to fly out
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Say you had to take the two weeks around Christmas and New Years off, what would you do?

Not that I'm complaining about getting a vacation but I normally work through the season and take my break off peak period to avoid all the fun and the dramatic price increases.

However I've to take two weeks off this year around Christmas and I'm not sure what to do. I live in Toronto and traveling away from the bloody cold would be best but it seems just flying off this continent during Christmas will break $2000.

So what would you (and your friends) do with two weeks of free time during Christmas?
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Should you be willing to consider the US in your plans, bear in mind that driving to Buffalo will often significantly reduce your air fares cost - even when taking into account the cost of parking a car for the two weeks. Something to consider. I travel a lot for work from Toronto to the US, and we fly from Buffalo most of the winter as the savings compared to the extra time are too much to be ignored.
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Vegas, baby! It's a lot of fun during the holidays.
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Ski, Ski, and ski some more. I did an 8 day trip to CO and UT last year for under 1000 (we also stayed with friends for 4 nights though). If you don't ski than learn, seriously. A freaking awesome place to go to in UT is Snowbird/Alta, gets twice as much annual snowfall than anyplace in N. America.
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Maybe it's the specific dates you're looking to travel. I did a quick check on trips to Mexico - Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Mazatlan and Acapuco are all around 900 dollars over the holidays.

Any interest in Mexico?
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Ride bikes, eat food, drink beer.
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expedia seems to have 14 day packages for under $2000. (www.expedia.ca)
i found an all inclusive 3 * resort for 14 days for C$1,697 pp , departing december 19th.

living in toronto - if i had 2 weeks off and no family obligations i'd totally go someplace warm.

departure from buffalo is indeed cheaper; i've never tried so can't vouch for how convenient it would be.

my husband says vegas and san diego are good places too.
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Good ideas so far (except for the ski -- sorry, Toronto's 7 months of winter and 1.5 months of summer has killed my passion for any outdoor activity winter related.)

Flying into LA or Vegas as cheapest traveling option or doing a Mexico or Cuba package are quite doable now that I think about it, especially if we go the Buffalo route. We were looking at prices for Europe and Asian destinations and were mostly getting quotes for $2500+.
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Death Valley. Tucson.
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If you're looking for *warm*, Vegas is probably not a good option - I was there between Christmas and New Year's a few years back and, while it wasn't necessarily cold, we were wearing coats at night (I'm from Boston, so not exactly thin-blooded). We took a day trip to the grand canyon and there was some snow on the ground. I would imagine San Diego would be similar, especially if you stay on/near the water.

I whole-heartedly recommend the all-inclusive sunny island with fruity drinks and little umbrellas idea. In fact, that's what my wife and I are doing from 12/18-12/28 =)
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I would imagine San Diego would be similar, especially if you stay on/near the water.

I live in Toronto, and at most I needed a light fleece unless actually walking along the sea front after the sun had gone down in San Diego, over the Christmas period last year. Most of the time, it was t-shirt only. Just a data point. Vegas is 2000 odd feet above sea level, so that's why it is colder.
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I live in San Diego and it can get pretty rainy and a little depressing during the winter. I suppose compared to what you're used to (snow, sleet, etc.), a little rain might be nothing at all. However, I wouldn't bank on it being sunny and warm. On the other hand, you may get lucky and the winters CAN be warm and beautiful. It's a guessing game.

That aside, San Diego could be a great place to visit if you've never been and has lots of attractions even if it is raining. The only issue here is pricing. It is expensive to stay/eat/play here.

If you're looking for warm and cheap, try Mexico. There are some beautiful all-inclusives there and many landscapes/temperatures to choose from.
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