Strange article about a programmer scheduling his life according to software recommendations.
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Article about "efficiency" software that ended up taking over somebody's life? Very interesting read but I can't recall the keywords.

A while ago I read an article about a man who created "reminder" software to help him with memory retention, but that eventually he started living his whole life according to what the software recommended. It may have been in Wired... I looked on their site but couldn't find it, haven't been able to turn up much other places online either.

Does this ring any bells?
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It's the supermemo article in wired.. A very interesting profile--I keep forwarding it to people.
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®@, you might be interested to know that Gary Wolf, who wrote that article, now moderates a site under Kevin Kelly's umbrella of sites called The Quantified Self. They've recently started a wiki, although it appears to be having some present trouble.
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