How do I convert a photoshow to another format? (Avi? Mov?)
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How can I convert a photoshow "video" to another format? Zamzar doesn't like the URL address.

There is a photoshow here: that I would like to convert to another video format. I've used zamzar in the past for things like youtube, but it doesn't seem to be working here. I'm savvy enough to know it must be streaming something, but not savvy enough to figure out the URL, or how to get it converted to another format.

Any ideas, internet?
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That's not streaming video, it's photos with Flash effects.

You could get the photos, & make it a slideshow with other software.

If you want to preserve that slideshow as video, see Flash converters - I'm not sure which, if any, of those would work with a web page.

You could also set up a screen grabber & let it record a video of that page playing. The tools for this might be most useful for screencasts - Wikipedia, AskMe - so look into those tools.
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Camtasia worked like a dream, thank you very much!
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