Where Can I Find Gelato
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Looking for a place that has gelato in or near Charlotte, NC. And a restaurant for real food to go with it.

For my birthday dinner/lunch some friends want to take me out to eat. I've never had gelato and they think that's just crazy and want to take care of that. Only problem is that we don't know where to get it in or near Charlotte, NC.

So, where's a good place to get gelato in Charlotte? And if you're feeling very nice or informative, where's a good restaurant for us to get real food. Bonus points if they're within walking distance of each other, and even more bonus points if they're the same place. I'm not a stickler for a type of food, and really like trying new places.
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Best answer: Words cannot express my love for Café Mia in Birkdale Village (Huntersville). They have very tasty gelato. And if you like paninis, their Toscano is the best sandwich I have ever had. I don't live in Charlotte anymore, but I still go to Café Mia every time I visit.

Their indoor seating area is kind of small if you have a lot of friends coming, but there are plenty of places to eat outside in Birkdale if you go on a nice day. If you don't want to eat the best food in the entire world then there are a lot of other great restaurants nearby, like Dressler's or Fox & Hound - definitely within walking distance.
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Great food and great gelato, all in one nice place.
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Best answer: Second for Cafe Mia. The roasted almond is AWESOME!
I don't know about the other food, but there are several great places walking distance away in Birkdale. Personally, I love The Galway Hooker, just down the road.
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Response by poster: I marked those two as best answers because that's where we ended up going and it was great.
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