Quark 6 in InDesign
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Anyone know of a way to open Quark 6 files in InDesign?

I'm using InDesign CS. Got files in from a designer who is on Q6 and with whom it's preferable that I not have further contact (long story). We have one copy of Q6 but no Q5, so while we can convert down to 5, we can't get it to 4 (which we have). Google doesn't give me much hope, but I thought I'd ask the braintrust.
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You need Markztools, which will allow you to open up a Quark 6 doc in Quark 4.x. It's a bit pricey, but it does other things, too.

But can't Indesign import Quark 5 files directly? I could've sworn it did.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the link.

InDesign doesn't open 5, unfortunately. (At least it didn't open this, and all over the web people say the same thing.)
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The only way to do it only using Quark is to have access to both Quark 6 and Quark 5. Use v6 to save down to v5. Use v5 to save down to v4. InDesign CS only recognizes Quark 4 files, so that's the best you can do. Unfortunately, Quark requires the purchase of 2 licenses to have both v5 and v6 running. Not an ideal situation, and one I've not been able to get around ... even after several calls to Quark's customer support.
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Response by poster: ScottU -- we don't have Q5, so that was my problem. Turns out that we have a copy of Markztools from when we were considering going to Q6 instead of ID and that it did a reasonable job of translation, except for the fonts.

Thanks for the responses.
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