Is There A Way to Do iCal Publishing w/o $100 for .Mac?
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I don't want to pay Apple another $100 for .mac, but I want to use ical publishing. Is there another option short of setting it up on my own server, which I have no chance of figuring out? Is there a rival service for mac users?
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I'd love to find a way of hosting iCal on my own server. In the meantime I use
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Here's a fantastic howto to simulate every service save the iSync stuff (which is all I'm really using it for these days, unfortunately.)

If you're just looking to do iCal, you can always just enable WebDAV on Apache.
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Trust me- take the time to do it yourself. The instructions are pretty painless, step-by-step, cut-and-paste affairs.
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My hosting company offers WebDAV, but I've yet to give it a try.
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iSync between computers seems to be the one service that no one can duplicate. I use it all the time, but have trouble paying $100/year for it.
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If you have your own server or web space with WebDAV, check out PHP iCalendar so people can look at all your calendar items. It's made for iCal, but I also use it for viewing my KOrganizer stuff from Linux.
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Anyone know a way to make my iSync'ed iCals readable AND writeable from anywhere? I'd like to add stuff to my iCal while I'm at work, but I'm on a PC, and iCal Exchange and the like only allow read access.
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I'm pretty sure that SpyMac's free package offers iCal hosting, if you don't want to roll your own.
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