1 extra week in Europe - where should I go?
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1 extra week in Europe - where should I go?

I'm going on a 5 week trip soon, I have the first 4 weeks mapped out but the last week is open and I'm looking for recommendations.

Currently I'm going to London for a week, Ireland (where I've been before) for 2 weeks, then Croatia for a week. Where should I go to after that? I'd like something a little out of the ordinary, but not too extreme. I'm not into extreme sports, mountain climbing, skiing etc. I was thinking maybe Sevilla in Spain, or Estonia/Latvia but not 100% sure. It will be in late November (I don't mind colder climates, as I'm from a hot one).

Especially if there is a particular thing top recommend a place (e.g. "We went to Latvia and stayed in cabins by the river and taking amazing ice walks") then I'm all ears!

I've seen this which makes Poland/Dubrovnic look awesome but not sure about the time of year.

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Barcelona has got to be one of my favorite cities in Europe.... From museums to clubs, to awesome architecture, and good food....

La Rambla street is where you want to take a good walk...
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pick a coast and follow it.
seriously, you will stumble onto so many awesome little places...
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Spain is pretty awesome. In a week you can combine the two first suggestions: fly to Barcelona, spend a couple of days there, then train/drive down the coast towards Seville.
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Bravo for your going to Croatia. I went to neighboring Slovenia on a whim, and found that the capital city, Ljubljana had just the best feel of any town I'd been in. And cheap!!
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Seconding Ljubljana.

Also, you could spend some time relaxing in the Alps. I've never stayed here but it looks wonderful.
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Italy's Amalfi coast (close to Naples) is rugged and amazingly beautiful. Amalfi itself is tourist hell, but the stretches of coast to the north and south are fantastic. Actually, if you have a week, see Rome for a few days (too short, but too great to miss), then follow the coast to below Naples, stay in Salerno for two days, drive up the coast the first (you'll go through all these little villages hacked out of the cliffs), drive down to Agropoli the second. Visit Paestum along the way to Agropoli. It's fantastic. Climb up to the old city, visit the castle and enjoy the view over the bay.

Salerno is a nice base to visit the rest from. Small, not so touristy, but a nice city in its own right. Stay away from Naples itself. It is a smelly place.
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Portugal. You should obviously come to Portugal. It's "a little out of the ordinary", I guess, since no one on MeFi ever suggests it, it's beautiful, people are fun and easygoing (in general), and there is a lot to do and see.

If you come to Lisbon, I reccomend the Le Cool "Weird and Wonderful Guide to Lisbon" (also available for other European cities). They also have a weekly e-newsletter that informs of all things cultural and weird going on in these cities.
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(by "weird" I don't mean "freaky". just not mainframe, exactly.)
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Spain is pretty awesome. If you go to Sevilla, go to Cordoba too! The Mezquita is amazing.

Lisbon is also good, and nearby Sintra is fun- the Quinta de Regaleira is essential.

Berlin is pretty happening too.
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I would totally go to Istanbul if I had an extra week abroad an no other plans.
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Are you going to be in Dubrovnik on the Croatia part (you must, if you're not already - the most beautiful old city in Europe). From there, I would take the bus to Mostar in Herzegovina and then keep going into Bosnia by taking one of the great European rail journeys from Mostar to Sarajevo. Sarajevo is such a fabulous city to get lost in for a couple of days and Bosnians are such warm, grateful hosts.
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Portugal, absolutely. It's a small-ish country so you could go to a couple of places in the week, it's beautiful, not too touristy, and the people are wonderful. Even the area around Lisbon is full of things to explore and could easily take a week.

As for Istanbul, it is amazing as well, but having just spent almost a month in Turkey, I'd save it for a longer trip when you could see some of the other fabulous places the country has to offer.
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Two places to see in Europe;

Barcelona is a great city to hang out in. It's beautiful, has a great atmosphere, has a beach, great food, great people, great architecture.

Venice is jawdroppingly beautiful and unlike anywhere else you'll ever see or be.
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Istanbul. But, if you are going alone and are female be a little more cautious than you might otherwise be. Feel free to contact me for more info. I was there for a month and after a few uncomfortable situations, I really got my footing and had a great time.
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Ljubljana times sixty eight million. I went there on a whim during a trip to Italy and it was the biggest favor I've ever done myself.
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Wow so many great responses ... I have always had a thing for Portugal to be honest... I'm thinking of saving Spain for a longer trip, and also Instanbul.

I'm still not 100% decided but I'm on the way! Thanks for the great responses!
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Prague...not necessarily out of the ordinary in some ways, but a must see regardless (don't need a whole week though).
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For no particular reason, I did not have high expectations before going to Barcelona. But I really enjoyed everything about it: the food, the people, the architecture, the art, the music, the shops... It was wonderful.

I've never been to Ljubljana but this thread has convinced me to change that!
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If you go to Ljubljana, go to Bled, too.
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I think the Bled link did it for me, I'm off to Slovenia. Thanks to all!
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