favorite USB headset?
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What is your favorite USB headset with a mute button? Bonus points if you know it works well with VOIP/avaya softfones.

i'm hoping for something i can buy at a retail location (radio shack, circuit city, target). i'm in denton/lewisville tx. also, it'll be worn for 8 hours a day, so something vaguely comfortable and full of noise reduction would be awesome.
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I had a Siemens headset that I was in love with. Can't find it online right now but will look later. It was around $40 or so. Also had a volume button and a mute button on the cord. Absolutely loved it - everything sounded pristine and was LOUD on it's own, which helps my hard-of-hearingness.

Only reason I don't use it now because the kitty got tangled in the cord and ended up chewing the cord out of the little thing that has the aforementioned buttons on it.
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I've only ever used one, but it has done very well so I'll recommend it. Plantronics DSP 400. I've rarely worn it more than 30 min or so, but it's very lightweight and doesn't clamp your head, so I have to think it could be comfortable for long periods. It has noise cancellation and mute and volume buttons. Cheap too. Bam!

Since you probably don't need foldable, you could probably move up in that same product line and get something even better and still be in a reasonable price range. I'm not seeing it on the sites for the stores you mention, however.

Don't know about Avaya compatibility.
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I use this Logitech model for my work, and it works well. The noise canceling is pretty good, and it is fairly comfortable, though it is a bit heavier than I would have preferred. It has inline mute and volume, and it works with the Cisco VOIP soft phone our company uses.
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My company gives out DSP 400s (in Askr's post) when you purchase the Avaya Softphone from the IT department.

I haven't used it (because it's too bulky and i can just use my mic/spkr ports on my laptop), but it looks nice.
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