Electric shaver?
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Can you recommend a specific electric shaver?

I've been using my trusty Norelco shaver for the past 6 years and would like to upgrade.
I've read this, this, and this thread and they all have good answers but they're all pretty outdated.

I'm looking for a shaver under $250 that preferably comes with a cleaning/docking station.
I have really thick, straight facial hair and my Norelco has the 3 circle style--this has worked fine. If someone highly recommends a 2 bar model I'd be willing to switch.
While I love a good close shave, an even shave is more important to me (sadly, my Norelco no longer can provide this).

I've noticed that many shavers with docking/cleaning stations run between $100 - $200 but I've also seen shavers sans docking station that are over $100. Are these worth the money?

If you can, please provide a specific model. Thank you!
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I love my Braun 8995. I can only get a close shave on my 'stache using a bar style electric (my mach-3 just slices my upper lip up!), and this one is pretty good. Also, it looks like it's only $180 at Amazon. I like the self-cleaning part, too, though it's a bit loud, and now that I've run out of solution mine hasn't been cleaned in a bit too long (I think I'll order more now, thanks for the reminder!).
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I'm more of a beard man myself, but Consumer Reports thinks very highly of this wet/dry Panasonic, especially for the price.
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Kind-of seconding the Braun 8995. 'Kind-of' because I don't use it... my partner does. He has very thick, coarse facial hair and loves that shaver. I also have a thick beard, but my Mach-3 suits me just fine.

The downside to me of the Braun is how loud it is during it's cleaning cycle. If you decide to get it, let it do it's cleaning when you're not asleep and out of the house!
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Braun 790cc. By far the best electric that I have ever used.

Right at the top of your price range, but it's the best.
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That model is also known as the Braun 9595, btw...
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I own (and love) my norelco - it's a wet shaver with lotion; really smooth shave, and I can clean it while I shower. So, it stays clean, produces an even shave, and your face is already broken in for it.
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I comparatively reviewed the 9585 here. I still use it. It's now known as the 760cc (only difference to the 790cc (or 9595) is the digital time remaining display, as opposed to LEDs). My beard is thick, though it tends to curl a little bit.
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