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Advice on heating a room.. (MI)

Does anybody have experience with a vented gas space heater like this?

We’ve got an oil-burning forced hot water furnace in home. My infant daughter’s room sits over an uninsulated garage, has two exterior walls, and gets very chilly in the winter. Insulating the garage is impractical for a number of reasons (and we’d still have the exterior wall issue). Ideally we’d run a separate line to the radiator in her room and run it off its own thermostat, but all my pipes in the basement are wrapped in asbestos, and no contractor worth his license will touch it (which is fine – any work I have done is proper and up to code).

I’m looking into my options re the asbestos, but we do have gas already in the house, and I’m wondering if this might let me heat a room safely, without spending tens of thousands on asbestos abatement.

Any other ideas are welcome.
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We had one of these units in an add-on family room a few houses back. Outside of the need for a hole in the wall for a vent, they work pretty well. I had to replace ours while we were there because the original was very old - probably 15 years old. Of course all of the fittings were in place from the old unit, but installation on these things is a snap anyway.

On the other hand, since we moved to northern New England I've heard a lot positive reviews for Monitor heaters. They're supposed to be very efficient. Most folks in these parts burn kerosene in them, though it looks like they're also available for gas.
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As it is vented outside, I would say it should do a good job. My parents heated a small cabin with a wall furnace, vented out, and had no problems.

Otherwise, if you can get cheap electricity by only using it off-peak, there are some heaters designed to heat balast (ceramic or stone) then radiate the heat all day. My in-laws used these in their house.
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Another option is a direct vent fireplace. All sorts of models and sizes are made. My dad heats his 660 sq foot house with a free standing model.
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