Help. I've been adducted.
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Help. I've been adducted.

Anyone out there done battle with an adductor muscle strain? I'm a 51-year-old white male who runs 400 miles a year and plays basketball once a week. About six weeks ago I felt pain in the crease where my leg joins my torso. Cursory internet search seems to identify it as an adductor strain. But nothing I seem to do – rest, ice, stretching, strengthening – seems to have one whit of effect. And, yes, I'm finally going to see a sports med doc this week. But I left a party yesterday where someone told me her similar injury turned out to be a stress fracture and another runner floated the concept of sports hernia. So I'm collecting anecdotal eveidence to help me from going insane during what's proving to be my longest non-exercise period in 20 years. Did you have something similar? Am I just not giving it enough time? Will I ever run again?
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Oh my gosh, don't panic. "Will I ever run again" is totally overkill at this point, and there's no need to stress yourself out like that. Do lots of pushups or something to help keep up those exercise endorphins you're used to, and wait to see what the doctor says.
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Some kinds of soft tissue injuries take a really long time to heal. Last year I did something really bad to one of my shoulders. It's fine now, but it took a year before I stopped feeling pain, and for the first four months or so there wasn't any perceived improvement.

One of the important things is this: pain is there for a reason. If it hurts, don't do it, because doing it means you're aggravating the injury.
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After you see a sports oriented Orthopaedic Surgeon, see a soft tissue worker who seems well trained in the art of diagnosing and manipulating soft tissue injuries. In my experience people who pay for the Active Release certifications often fit this bill, do the research on someone in your area.

I've made considerable strides in my rehab from ACL surgery, suprasprinatus tear, and keyboard overuse injury through soft tissue based release (myofascial/active).
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