What does it say on the back of my painting?
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Could you tell me what's written on the back of my painting? The canvas is stretched and stapled onto wood, and there are some characters on it which I can't read. It's partially pen and partially marker. pen marker whole back
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I don't know anything about Asian languages... but these pictures look upside down to me. I can't tell you why, I just feel like they are. I hope someone is able to help you out.
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yes, your photos are upside down.

Flipped 180", the top photo is a name: REJI-NA•KONORI-, Japanese katakana for "Regina Connelly"

the lower photo:
Industrial Crafts Public? Type? D Group
Number One: Ikeda Keisuke
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yup, upside down japanese.
troy has given the translation: here it is typed out:

一番 池田圭介

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Thanks! They looked upside-down to me as well, but what do I know? I shot them front top to bottom oriented the same way as the painting, figuring that was my safest bet.
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So yeah, the public in my translation isn't public but "II" as in II-Type D-Group

(I was reading II as 立)
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Thanks for the clarification, troy ;)
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Why are the Japanese characters displaying for me as little boxes? How should I adjust the computer? I get real Japanese on other sites.
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