Switching while on leave?
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ParentingLeaveFilter: I just started my paternity leave. Unlike a previous recent question, I still want to work -- I want to accept an offer of new employment with a competitor in a different city. How do I best be responsive to the needs of my new employer while treating my (soon to be) old employer fairly?

A little over a month ago, I began speaking with a headhunter about an opportunity in a different city with a competitor. I interviewed and have an offer in hand. The competitor is in a bit of a bind and needs someone with a very particular skill set (i.e., mine), and would like me to start ASAP.

I love my current job. My immediate boss is the best boss I could ever hope for, but the opportunities for advancement with the new job are just too good to pass up. It is a small, specialized industry so I expect that I will continue to see (and perhaps collaborate with or compete against) people at my old group in the future. I definitely do not want to burn any bridges.

My current employer has an extremely enlightened parental leave policy -- 4 weeks of paid paternity leave. I always intended to take them up on taking the full amount of leave. Most of my matters have been transitioned to others in my group because of my paternity leave. There are a few items that need some ongoing attention, but it's not a huge deal.

I am an at-will employee. I just finished the first week out of my 4 weeks of leave. The offer from my "new" employer expires at the end of next week.

When should I give notice to my old employer? I want to be regarded as a "good guy" who treats my old employer fairly.

You can contact me at movingdad2008@gmail.com.
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I think you didn't read the 'previous recent question' very carefully.
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It looks like your real question is: should you continue as a paid employee on a paid leave for the remaining three weeks? And if you want to treat your current employer fairly, the answer must be no.
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One of my current coworkers actually did this, and my understanding is that she remained on good terms with her old employer by being extremely up-front with them about her situation. It also helped that her new job involved a move back to the state where she was from and where her family is, which made her situation a lot more sympathetic.

Anyway, if you are set on taking this job, all you can do is call your boss right away and tell him/her. If relations with this company are very important to you, don't wait. They are unlikely to take away your parental leave, but they might. As far as how they take it, well, you can't control how they react, but if you've been a good employee and you are honest now, there's not much legitimate complaint they can have. sure, they'd prefer you stay, but people move on from jobs.
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