I really need to solve this.
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Help me finally put an end to my former insurance company's autobilling and get a refund!

I previously lived in Maryland and was enrolled with Carefirst Bluechoice under an individual healthcare plan because I'm self-employed. Then I got into grad school at UCLA, and they had a healthcare program that I enrolled in in 9/2007. I sent a letter to Carefirst Bluechoice saying I wanted to terminate coverage as I would be covered at UCLA.

I got billed again. I was set up with autobill on a credit card. So I called my customer service number. They said they can't take care of that, but send another letter. So I sent another letter. I continue to be billed. This is over $900 a month! I have sent 4 letters in total, emailed countless times, been on the phone countless times, been given more numbers of direct supervisors who I leave messages for and get no calls back from.

Yes, it's been a full year of trying now and I still get billed. I've not submitted any claims to them. I'm covered elsewhere!

I also disputed the charges with my credit card company and sent a copy of all my cancellation letters as proof. But my dispute was overturned by the credit card company. (They aren't there to protect you, people!)

My question is....

WHAT CAN I DO? It has occurred to me recently that I should have cancelled the credit card. The date expires this month so that is water under the bridge.

I can't find a number or an address online that will give me someone who can solve this mess for me. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I need to get this money back.
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Best answer: Well, this isn't really helpful to the long term solution... but in the short term, calling your credit card company and stating that you've lost your card will result in the card being disabled a new card number being issued. This will stop future billing...

I'd contact the BBB in Maryland. You might try calling other phone numbers for Carefirst and see if you can score someone who can do something. Their fraud department numbers are 1-800-336-4522 and 410-998-5480. You might also check with the Maryland Insurance Administration and see if they can lend any assistance.

Good luck to you.
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Man that sucks. Whatever you do, cancel the credit card. If their going to act like that with you, you might as well switch 'em. There are plenty of other options out there- that's why we get 30 promotional fliers in the mail a month.

You might also try emailing this to the consumerist.

Worst comes to worst you can sue them in small-claims court.
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Send your story to Consumerist?
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Best answer: Contact your state's insurance commissioner and tell them about it.

I have had great success getting to the bottom of various insurance company foolishness by going through my state's insurance commissioner.
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Response by poster: This story had a very happy ending. Check it out here.
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Yay for Consumerist & MetaFilter!! Congrats visual mechanic. Always great to see two ballsy sites combine for a W against the MAN . . .
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