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Guitarfilter: Looking for the best online guitar instruction sites.

By the best I mean any and all of the following: Multimedia, Comprehensive coverage of styles and skill levels, Lots of material and lessons, Professional presentation, availability of tabs.

Would expect to pay, but donĀ“t have any problem with free if such an animal exists.

In the last few months I came across a couple of very impressive sites that meet the above criteria (also with downloadable tabs/sheet music - copyrighted stuff required a small fee each) but I cannot remember them or find them now. Any help would be much appreciated.
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I don't know about teaching sites but I use ultimate-guitar a lot for tabs, just remember that anyone is allowed to post a tab and usually they aren't 100% accurate but it's a good place to start trying to learn a song. If you're willing to pay than why not take lessons? Yea having an online guide could be good because you can learn at home but I'm sure your teacher could give you plenty of stuff to work on between lessons.
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I have been using JustinGuitar for a while now. His lessons are great, and free! I haven't checked out his DVDs yet but if I start getting more serious I would definitely consider them. He is definitely one of the better guitar teachers I have seen doing videos online.
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Quite a lot of instructional sites host video on YouTube - searching there is a good place to start.
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Seconding justinguitar; I've found it tremendously helpful.
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Thirding JustinGuitar. For tabs, I've found Chordie pretty good.
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No videos, but guitarnoise has great lessons for easy & intermediate songs, with tabs and mp3s and comprehensive explanations.
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