Socks too thick! Need help quick!
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Does anybody make a THIN sock a man could wear with shorts?

I am a man with relatively wide feet. Finding shoes which fit well is not easy, but I have found brands that work for me. (I adore my Birkenstock Londons, that's for sure. But I don't wear those with socks or long pants.) I live in a warm climate and spend much of the year in shorts. I'd like to be able to wear athletic or all-terrain shoes comfortably.

However, I can only find socks I could wear with shorts which are thick. Very thick. So thick that my wide shoes don't fit well anymore. Ankle length, mid-calf length, over-the-nostrils length, with swooshes, logos, in black, white, gray, or red, are all thick, thick, thick.

Granted, the work socks I wear with long pants are thin enough that I can wear any shoes with them. But black mid-calf socks with shorts? I don't think so.

Help me buy socks, Hive Mind!
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Puma makes a line of men's ankle socks that I buy in a 3-pack set (each pair is a different shade of tan) for about 7 euro over there in Poland. They're big enough to fit my size 14EEs and quite thin.
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Best answer: Under Armor makes some good low-cut thin socks. You can probably find some at a Sports Authority/Foot Locker/Champs Sports type place. Bonus: They are just long enough (on my size 12 feet) to cover the spot on the back of your feet sbove the heel where sneakers tend to rub without really showing elsewhere.
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Best answer: Sock 'liners'. Usually a poly/nylon blend, they look like regular socks, but are much thinner. I just bought 3 pairs from REI -- I wear them as my running and biking socks, since thicker socks make my feet hurt in my shoes.
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Sock liners and bicycle socks are the answer. Bicycle socks can be had in funky designs.
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I was going to suggest Under Armor, too. I have the women's version, but they're the thinnest athletic socks I've ever worn.
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REI or similar for running socks and/or bike socks. I wear dark, thin wool socks almost exclusively.
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consider running socks. nike has an excellent and very comfortable line of no-show, quarter and half socks. (please don't do tube socks with shorts. I understand you are american but please don't. it's such a clichee.) they will run you between five and twelve dollars a pair (depending on which ones you want) and the link goes to a large pack you probably won't need but it's a starting point. stop by your local nike store.
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nth-ing cycling socks. My personal favorite socks (for anything) are Smartwool. Sock Guy is another good brand of cycling sock.
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If anyone has what you're looking for, it'd probably be Sock Dreams. I used them the last time I chucked all my socks and got new ones and was really happy with the shipping and service.
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