Mac OSX: I need an app or some way that allow me to display the clock +3 hours.
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I live in Argentina, and I'm working on an app that requires to use the time of a city in the US otherwise it doesn't compiles (NDA related, I think). So I've changed my macbook hour to that city timezone, and hidden the mac clock to only show the clock in analog (so I don't see this much). I need an app or some way that allow me to display the clock +3 hours.
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Are you using Firefox? I know there are apps for Firefox that allow showing multiple timezones. I don't know if this is plausible for your situation, though.
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There's a dashboard widget that does this. It's called World Clock. You can just call up your dashboard to see the time. F12 does this on my laptop. Pretty convenient.
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@cobaltnine: yes, I use firefox, but I preffer the hour in the menu bar, like the original one.

@grobstein, yes, I'm using it. But I see less intrusive to see the clock with just only look at the top instead of call the Dashboard.
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? World Clock Deluxe says it does this. Perhaps you could clarify what it cannot do for you?
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JetClock will do this; I haven't used it but I found it on this super handy list of OS X menu bar items.
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@dhartung WCD looks nice, full featured for a single task I need, but I'll give a try to the demo version

@bcwinters awesome found on that list! Tried JetClock and sucks, it adds a frame over all the other menu items! ugly!
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The new iStat Menus has a clock/calendar functionality that allows you to have a dropdown showing several time zones. I know it's probably not exactly what you want, but it's free and it works well.
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zonetick is the only external software the IT guys at work recommend, I believe our corp. has some sort of licence, but the program is fairly cheap if you want to go past the features in the free version. I really like it, its easy to use, I can make the background pink and it has all sorts of little side programs you can use, like you can program it to have it display what Work Week it currently is and I believe that you can stack times on top of each other in the display. It will be in the same location as your computer clock display is now.
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if the widget does what you need it to, and you don't want to invoke Dashboard all the time, why not just put the widget on the desktop?
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Zonetick is for Windows. How about Aion?
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@joshrholloway: yes, I tried it too, but I need the clock on the menu instead of a popup menu.

@Jenny is Crafty: looks good, but for Windows :(

@heeeraldo: It's a good alternative, thanks.

@bcwinters: great, that's exactly what I need!

And the winner is.... Aion! :)
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Thank you all guys..
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