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mysqlfilter: I'm in the midst of installing phpwiki on OS X panther and, because I am following the steps drone-like and have no idea what I am doing. . .

... I get to the part where I change directories to within PHPWiki, a folder called "schemas" and the Macdev Gods beckon me to:

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -uroot -p[password you just set in mysql] wiki [there is a greater than sign here] mysql.sql

I understand that I'm using mysqladmin to create a database called wiki, I think, and that something is getting piped into mysql.sql. Possibly.

When I type the command, however, I keep getting this error:

mysql.sql: No such file or directory

There's not a file called "mysql.sql" in this directory. If I slap one in there from another app, I get the same error. So my question is:

1. what obvious mistake am I making?
(I am using the correct password, and can create databases in the same directory with other names)

2. What exactly am I doing here, so I can look up the answer in the docs?

Thank you for your patience.
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That should be a "<" sign--i.e., mysql.sql is being piped into mysql, not the other way around. Presumably, mysql.sql contains the table information for the database.

mysql.sql should be a list of SQL commands; if you don't have it, you'll need to look around for it or figure out what previous step you messed up. :-)

(Pay particular attention to the line: First, for the database, in the PHPwiki distribution that you unpacked there's a directory called "schemas". Go there and issue this command...)
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Response by poster: Ah crap. I was issuing the command within the schemas directory, and there is no mysql.sql to be found. But--that does tell me why this isn't working, so thanks!

There is a file called schema.mysql, but when I substitute it for mysql.sql then it tells me "no such command as wiki." Anyway, I'm closer than I was..
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Response by poster: Hey! Here is what worked--

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -uroot -pmark88 wiki < schema.mysqlbr>
I had changed mysql to "mysqladmin" thinking there was a typo. and the name of mysql.sql had changed. Woo!

thanks for joggin my noggin.
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FWIW, this would be a good point to mention instiki -- just DL the ".dmg" file and run it. It's great if all you want to do is use a wiki for local notes.
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I second instiki. If you're just looking for any wiki this can't be beat. Double Click. There's no step 2. and it looks great to boot.
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Response by poster: Instiki is the coolest, but because I'll be using this to store and collaborate on documents among the tech-phobic, I need the ability to create unique users and attach discrete documents. Plus, a windoze user had intermittent connectivity problems with Instiki that I wasn't able to track down.
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I really want to start using Instiki, but I invested a lot of time in VoodooPad, which can export to text, HTML, and RTF. Anyone know of any easy way, besides cut and paste, to get all that stuff into Instiki?
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PHPWiki is very good. It just has that annoying intermediate step where you have to inject the schema yourself ;-)
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