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Please help us build a retro-modern room around this chair.

I found a yellow acrylic or fiberglass chair at Goodwill for $9 (please see the photos in my profile). I thought that I would be reselling it because my aesthetic is more earthy greens & neutrals, but my husband loves it and wants to do our bedroom up in a mod style with a white, yellow, orange and (maybe - if I get my way) avocado pallet.

The room is about 16’ by 20’ with one wall of loft windows. It's our bedroom and we'd like an office nook type thing. I'm ready for a sunny change.

We’re allowed to paint or pretty much anything else we want to do to improve the place. Please share your ideas or photos about how to decorate in a retro modern style on a budget.

I’d also like to know if the chair is a reproduction. There’s a hand written serial number on the bottom, which makes me think it might be older or a sample. The base is stamped Made in China, which makes me think it’s newish.

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The really cool designer retro modern stuff is ridiculously expensive, but you can probably find some cool stuff at CB2, West Elm or even IKEA.

As for the paint, I think colorful retro modern furniture looks best high-gloss ultra white walls.
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I would suggest you check out the site Grassroots Modern and browse the archives.
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One wall in this wallpaper in black and white. Put the chair against this wall. A tight wool rug like one of these. A pale yellow or avocado-ish color for the other walls, perhaps with a funky pattern painted behind the bed. A black and white upholstered chair, like this elsewhere in the room. A couple of warm wood pieces to keep things from being too hard. A mod pendant light to talk to the acrylic chair. Some throw pillows and amazing art to tie it all together.
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You should post this question and photo to They will post it on their site and you will get tons of answers. Also, just browse their site for great ideas. They also have a book.
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