Where can I find a studio with a Disklavier near SF?
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Where in the Bay area can I find a recording studio with an acoustic piano that has been upgraded with a Disklavier or other MIDI playback device?

No digital pianos - must be a real acoustic instrument. Anywhere within 100 miles of San Francisco is do-able, though obviously the closer it is to the city, the better. Thanks!
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Not sure how helpful this will be, but I'm pretty sure Berkeley's CNMAT has a Disklavier. The folks I've dealt with thre are really nice, so while I'm not sure about how you'd get access (since they aren't a commercial entity, and thus the disclaimer), perhaps if you have an interesting project you'd be able to use it for free. I believe they also have some programs open to the public, so that might be another way in. I'd try sending them an email with a proposal. Or hey, maybe you'll get lucky and there'll be some music grad students here.
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This is just a google search result, so I don't know if it's current/valid, but this page says sparkworld has one. Apparently they mostly use it for analog "rendering" of existing digital pieces, but presumably you could book studio time and play it.
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