Using different model power supplies
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Can I use the power supply of a different type model?

We have a SATO CX208TT thermal label printer (spec sheet here) and we can't find the power supply for it, and I've checked all sorts of stores near-by for a replacement or near replacement, and have had no luck. Either they don't have it, like Fry's or they've all been lower amps.
So I looked up the SATO CX200 and there's plenty of replacement power supplies out there, and they seem to have similar spec sheets. Can I buy one of those power supplies and use it for my CX208?
The reason I'm mainly confused is that underneath the machine it says 24V 3.4amp... but the spec sheet says differently?
This is the one I want to get.
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The spec sheets are giving the AC input voltages for the power supply, i.e. 120V AC +10% to -15% 50/60 Hz, 230V AC +10% to -15% 50/60 Hz.

The power supply's job is to transform that mains AC voltage into a (lower) DC output voltage suitable for the printer. Namely 24V, with a maximum current of 3.4A. Which is why that's what's stamped on the bottom of the printer.

My guess is that these two printers are almost certainly running off similar/identical power supplies - it's reasonably unlikely that the two have different voltage/power requirements.

However, the one you say you want to buy seems to require a 220V (i.e. 210-240V) mains voltage. So if you're in the US it's the wrong one. You need a power supply rated for a 110V (or 115V or 120V) mains supply. The one you linked to appears to be for the european/UK/etc. market
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Awesome answer! Thank you!
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