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Looking for the perfect ~$25 wine-related gift.

My friend is turning 21 next week, and I'd like to get her something related to wine. She knows more about it than I do, and for that reason I'm inclined to not just buy her a nice bottle (she can do that herself). I'm looking for a great book, gadget, doo-dad, etc.

I've thought about a rabbit-style wine opener, but she seem perfectly happy with her current corkscrew (plus, at about $40, it's just slightly outside of my price range). But, I'm willing to consider any suggestions.
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Decanter. Even the most basic ones improve red wine markedly. Target, for one, has several in your range.
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Wine Saver? It lets you vacuum seal wine, so if you don't finish a (second/third) bottle, you can keep it for a day or two without the wine oxidizing into vinegar. $14 at Amazon.

Maybe combine it with a wine journal ($10), which is kind of nifty for keeping track of which wines are good.

Or maybe a carafe? This one is $30 and pretty well rated for the value.
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I think a gift (perhaps, dare I say, a basket) of well-paired small cheeses, fruits, chocolates, and crackers would be a very thoughtful and customizable gift that any wine-lover would enjoy. It might take a little extra effort, but people tend to appreciate those kinds of gifts (especially if they are personally tailored) more often than not.

Most "better" grocery stores have wine stewards staffed in their wine departments and I personally have utilized their services before when looking for that perfect wine-related item. It's a thought.

Good luck!
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A top-notch foil cutter! Come to think of it... I'd like one of those too.
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Might be a little over your budget, but one of those automatic bottle openers - hard to describe, but they involve minimal force on the part of the openee. Or, and this was quite popular with a friend of mine, an agitator to stir the wine up. Apparently it really does add to the flavor. And finally, a thermometer or mini breathalyzer.
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The one-glass-at-a-time decanter.
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zaebiz: "The one-glass-at-a-time decanter."

Looks like the Buy link isn't working. Just search for Versovino Wine Decanter and look for specials. Home page is here.
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Almost no one I know uses a rabbit-ear type corkscrew (that doesn't mean anything) . Most use a standard wine key. That said, the few people I know that have a CO2 opener rave about it. Las I checked they were 20-25$ at World Market or well stocked wine shops, some really are rather nice looking.
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I'd avoid the rabbit ear corkscrews if I were you, most of them aren't nearly as effective as the old waiter's friends (double hinge ones).

Maybe a nice set of wine glasses? Or a decanter? Both will be well used, and much appreciated. I bought my dad a decanter last year and it's had some great mileage thus far.
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The homes of the wine enjoyers of America are filled to the brim with dusty, unused wine-related gadgets, doo-dads, books, glasses, and related ephemera.

Get her a bottle of wine!
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I would definitely go with the decanter!
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A decanter is the way to go.
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A wine tote for taking her favorite wines to those BYOB restaurants.
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A Screwpull: either the table model or pocket model. The table model is more convenient to use, the pocket model is more portable. Either works 5x better than most corkscrews.
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Riedel makes decent stemless wine glasses (i.e. just the tulip portion of the glass) that you can find for about $25 a pair on Amazon. See here.
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I like wine a lot and I'd like a wine rack like this one from target. They are available at all different prices, with lots around $25. If she doesn't have a lot of space, a wall-mount one would be nice.
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Please don't get her any sort of corkscrew other than a standard double hinged wine key. They are all gratuitous wastes of money, and most are far less efficient.

As many people have already said, a decanter or a nice set of Riedels would be spot on.
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