Looking for EMT training in Minneapolis
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I'm interested in EMT training in the Minneapolis area.

I'm looking into getting certified as an EMT. I don't have any medical training beyond CPR certification. I also don't have a ton of money. Does anyone know

a) what organizations in the Minneapolis area offer this kind of training - personal experience/recommendations preferred


b) if there's any kind of financial assistance or workstudy available to receive EMT training

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EMT/EMS courses are usually taught at community or technical colleges. In Washington, where I was considering becoming an EMT, the course is only a (rigorous) 10 weeks or so. It doesn't require any prior medical knowledge, except CPR certification (but you should make sure that your CPR course counts, because it needs to have been CPR for medical providers, not "civilians") Typically there will be an very basic entrance exam to get into the course. It was not hard, and I got in easily.

Here is a list put together by the Minnesota Fire Service of EMs programs. Looks like the closet one to Minneapolis is at Anoka Technical College. Unfortunately, doesn't look like Minneapolis Community, whihc is probably closest to you, offers EMS training.

As I mentioned, I looked into getting EMT-certified but didn't. Since it is a higher education course at a community college, 1). I believe, (but don't remember for sure) that course expenses qualified for federal financial aid. If you are planning to start next autumn, you should submit a FAFSA this winter. If you want to start training sooner than that, talk to the financial aid adviser at the college. And 2). community college tuition is cheap, and they may offer the EMS class as a night course so that you don't have quit your day job. Good luck!
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I do not know if this applies in Minneapolis, but here in NJ we have primarily volunteer Fire and EMS services. Most of these will cover the cost of your EMT course if you volunteer during your course and after. Every organization has slightly different rules, but if cost is really a factor for you it might be worth making a few calls or checking out department websites. I didn't realize this until after completing (and paying for) my EMT course....
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HCMC in downtown Minneapolis offers courses.

I think MCTC offers courses as well, but i'm not sure.
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