I'm looking for a new bed frame that's budget and... sturdy.
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I'm looking for a very sturdy bed frame to replace one that recently broke while in use. I REALLY do not want this to happen again, so I need suggestions for a VERY sturdy, quiet bed for less than $500.

The current bed frame (which is only sort of servicable anymore) is a slat type bedframe that I inherited from a former college roommate. It looks to likely be Ikea of some sort, and now the slats keep slipping out of the frame to the ground (a couple have even broken). The middle length-wise beam to support the two rows of slats also broke. Looks like the screws are bent and the things starting to twist out of place.

I have used the simple metal frames before, and they were sturdy but they creaked a lot and I would like to graduate to a nice-looking "real" bed (i.e. headboard & all).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Man...you post anonymously, and you don't even give us the probably-hilarious story? Damn.

Where are you situated? I grew up right next to an Amish community, and those folks make the best damn furniture ever. When I got my first apartment, I went down to an Amish furniture store and bought a bed there. It's made of some kind of badass wood, the rails are held in place with metal hook-thingies the size of half my hand, and even the most vigourous, uh, "use" gets barely a creak out of it. It was certainly pricier than IKEA, but no more expensive than a "nice" factory-made frame, and a lot better overall.

Also: those IKEA slat-frames are the devil. I know (not particularly large!) people who've broken them just by sitting down on them less-than-gently.
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For my little cottage in the woods I made a really great queen four-poster out of 4x4s and plywood - all I needed was a little benchtop table saw and a drill. It's unbelievably overbuilt and solid, but quite pretty. Ask me and I'll write up instructions, it was very easy to make.
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If you've got box springs, just put them right on the floor. Tuck a sheet around it so it looks nice and fights the dust bunnies.

Unless you need room under it for... stuff.

Or unless you need headboards for ... stuff. If you want a headboard-like functionality you can buy shelving and/or an ornamental piece / mirror, etc and mount it on the wall at the right height. The bonus of this is you can move the bed away from the wall if you find you're hitting your head. (or other stuff.)

How's the outside part of the old frame? If it's all right, go down to the lumber yard or hardware store, have them cut a piece of 1/2 inch plywood to size and screw it in.
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I've been in the same bed for 6 years, and it was in use before that too, but, well, it wasn't getting the kind of punishment I inflict on a bed. It came from an unfinished furniture store, and the four legs on the headboard and footboard are made of 4x4 pieces of Alder, I believe, held to the rails by 4" bolts. Those unfinished furniture stores are found everywhere, and are struggling to stay in business, but they sell sturdy product. Go to one of them, peruse the floor and the catalog, and ask for a good price on a bed. They can finish it for you or you can DIY.

You may want to tighten up your bolts periodically or drill holes for additional ones if you are a habitual bed-punisher.
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