Mendocino Jenner sleeps
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Can we find a night's lodging late September in Mendocino, Jenner or anywhere in between for $150 or less?
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Should be totally possible, depending on what amenities you want. I stayed at the Fort Ross Lodge last week for $98.
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If you want a rural hostel-like setting, Jughandle Creek Farm is just a few miles north of Mendocino.
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A lot of the cheaper lodging will be up in Fort Bragg, including MacKerricher State Park -- camping for under $20 right on the beach.
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The Blue Heron Inn is quoting rates of $110-$130; they're right in downtown Mendocino. The breakfast is continental, so you won't be completely overstuffed as you start your day, and I really like the coffee cake they serve.
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Gah -- the prices have almost doubled since I stayed there 3 or 4 years ago (it was $89), but the Mendocino Farmhouse is a gorgeous place to stay. Looks like the rates start at $139 now.

In any case, I highly recommend it. A fabulous breakfast is included, so if you factor that in to your budget, you're actually saving a little money. Um, right?

As for one of the rooms in the converted barn.
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The Caspar Inn is just up the road from Mendocino on the coast. It is a weird little roadhouse type bar with rooms upstairs. Nice bar, nice rooms, good live music.
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If you don't mind going a bit further north of Mendocino (about 10 miles), the Columbi Motel in Fort Bragg has insanely good rates. It's somewhat bare bones and the WiFi sucks, but I recently picked up a single room with a kitchen for $60 a night. According to their site, they even have some rooms as cheap as $35 a night, which is a downright steal.
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I should add...assuming you're one of those people who says "we" meaning "my significant other and I" and you're looking for something romantic, forget my suggestion :-)
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