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New Yorker buffs with long memories and amazing search capacities: Looking for a humorous article about battling paleontologists. (More inside)

I can't find a piece from The New Yorker that detailed a fistfight between two paleontologists in a museum, complete with detail drawing tracing their fight through the displays. It ran well before e-archiving, perhaps even 15+ years ago. Search tips, other than doing a LOT of thumbing through hundreds of issues, as entertaining as that would be? Or is there a mefi-er out there who can locate it? It was paper-bag, hyperventilation funny.
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It was illustrated? That sounds like something Bruce McCall might have done. Do any of these images remind you of the illustration style from that old article?
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Two possiblities:
Article: John Seabrook on the head of the brontosaurus
Topic area: Bone Wars, Cope vs Marsh. Check the bibliography there to see if the article you're thinking of is in there.
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Best answer: It was a short fiction piece called "Fossil News", by James Stevenson. May 11, 1987, p. 36-37. God bless The Complete New Yorker.
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Oh, and it's absolutely the drawings that make it funny. Not only is there a map of the fight path, but there are skeletal renderings of each paleoanthropologist, with locations of various blows carefully labeled "A", "B", etc. I got a partial screenshot, but getting complete things out of Complete New Yorker isn't as easy as I'd like it to be.
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