Sharepoint and not being able to find page views for my Intranet is making me cry?
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Sharepoint filter: Is there any way to see the page views for a particular items/News article in Sharepoint? All I can find is stupid meaningless hit counts for my unit's part of the site. And Google and have both failed me.

I'm launching an HTML newsletter that links back to articles I've uploaded onto my company's Sharepoint Intranet. I'm a total newbie to Sharepoint, but CAN NOT believe that there's really no way to track page views or visitors. Within the newsletter, each article links back to a specific URL for where I've put the article (All Site Content -> Lists -> News).

I've found the Site Usage Report under "Site Settings," but that just gives me my images and hit numbers, though I can see visit numbers if I choose "Browser" under "Select Report."
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