Traveling to Cape Cod, Bay of Fundy & PEI
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We're going to make a road trip in a couple of weeks from upstate NY to Cape Cod, and then up to the Bay of Fundy and Prince Edward Island. Any advice would be welcomed, but we could particularly use some advice about the BOF. We need to know what are the best attractions and towns to visit, the best places to see the tides and other scenic views, and if you have any recommendations for restaurants and places to stay. We are planning on staying in moderately priced lodgings ($90-$140/night); and we tend to like simple but good food, served in friendly, interesting and moderately priced restaurants.
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Definitely check out Fundy National Park, which is a great place to camp. Get a lobster roll in Alma then sit and watch the tides. See the Hopewell Rocks. Ride the reverse rapids in downtown Saint John. A little north of PEI is Kouchibouguac National Park and on the way to Quebec is Village Historique Canadien near Caraquet. And don't forget, Acadia National Park is on the way there in Maine.
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Re: Nova Scotia
Digby is a great tourist town and the whale watching tours there can't be beat.

The hike to Cape Split would take the better part of a day but will give you an amazing view of the bay.

Be sure to note the difference between the Bay of Fundy and the Minas Basin. The Minas Basin is at the eastern end of the BOF and is its own body of water. It completely empties twice daily. So at noon you have mudflats, and by supper time you have a massive body of water. Tide times are available on line or in any local weekly paper. I grew up near the Minas Basin and it still never ceases to amaze me. Even the rivers here are tidal. Check out the Avon river near Windsor, NS or any of its tributaries.

The Joggins fossil cliffs in Parsborough might be worth a visit. These tides are constantly exposing new fossils. It was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.
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Since you're traveling through Maine anyway, consider taking The Cat in at least one direction. Forty knots across the Bay of Fundy between Bar Harbor and Yarmouth…amazing ride. (Click thru the slideshow on the website to see a picture of the ferry.)
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