Recommendations for Book Database Applications (Windows XP)?
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Good book database programs. [mi]

I've got a lot of books, and have a hard time keeping track of them. I used to use Pocket Library, which was cool because it sync'd the database on my pda as well as on my computer, but I no longer have a pda, which means that Pocket Library isn't that useful anymore. So, what's a good program for keeping track of my books? I use Windows XP, and am willing to actually pay for a program, although I'd prefer not to. Also, does anyone use those usb scanners along with their program? How does that work?
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I like Singlefile, a web app designed by the guys at 37signals. It's cool because you can use it from anywhere.
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I know that people are excited about the forthcoming release of Delicious Library. Here is a link with previews of screenshots from Think Secret. It will work with an iSight camera to scan the barcodes in -- which doesn't necessarily mean a USB scanner won't work.
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BookCollector worked well for me. It searches several sites for book info, allowing you to avoid hand typing in page numbers, authors, etc. I have a cuecat scanner (.com giveaway from radioshack) that reads barcodes and it works well with BC. Try ebay to buy one for 10 bucks or so.
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