Help me find a Pittsburgh travel agent.
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Please help me find a good travel agent/agency in Pittsburgh.

I really want to travel more, but I'm so bad at deciding where I want to go and what I want to do. Beyond that, I'm TERRIBLE with details. Could someone recommend a good travel agent or agency that has an office in Pittsburgh and is great with the indecisive traveler? I can nail down dates that work, but I'd hope the person will do a lot of the research on different options/suggest things I might like, then nail down ALL the details. I'm interested mostly in international travel.
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Are you a AAA member? Their travel services are great, and they have a huge office in East Liberty.
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Response by poster: It's funny. . .I go to that office in East Liberty all the time for my AAA services and yet I've never considered them for travel booking. I'll have to stop there and see what they offer.
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Response by poster: A question about AAA travel services, though - do they mostly have a few pre-packaged deals they work from, or are they very flexible about customizing things/coming up with out of the box options?
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That's a good question. I've only used them for cruises and Disney trip booking, so I've never tried something more out of the box.
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There's an STA travel agency in Oakland that helped me plan a great trip when I was a student.
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