Where Can I Buy A Cheap, Solid, Used Roadbike in San Francisco Tomorrow?
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Where Can I Buy A Cheap, Solid, Used Roadbike in San Francisco Tomorrow? No Craigslist.

I live in San Francisco and have been looking for a "get around town" working but cheap roadbike for a few months now. I tried Craigslist but got tired of the hassle of arranging to visit the bike or having the bike bought up before I could see it in person. Tomorrow I have a free morning, and I want to use that time to buy a bike.

What brick and mortar store in San Francisco can I buy a cheap, working, used roadbike tomorrow morning?
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Refried Cycles
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Tomorrow is a holiday. No matter what advice you get here, call ahead and confirm that they'll even be open before you go.

There are several good shops on Stanyan (search "bikes 94117" on Google Maps) that may have a better likelihood of being open on a holiday since they also do rentals for Golden Gate Park.
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Normally I'd say stop by the Bike Kitchen. They'd be able to point you in the right direction, I'd imagine. But they aren't open Sundays and tomorrow's a holiday... can't wait until Tuesday, eh?
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Do you know if the Bike Kitchen sells used bikes? The website looks like they just offer a place to repair them.
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You could also try calling local GoodWills and thrift stores. My dad got his fixie there for cheap because they didn't know how price an older looking road bike. I'm not sure if they will be open for the holiday though.
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