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Where can I buy one of those Timbuk2 laptop messenger bags in Japan?

My current cheap-ass messenger bag just died and I decided I really want a Timbuk2 laptop messenger bag. Checked their site and it says they have Japanese distribution, but couldn't find a list of distributors.

Can you tell me some stores (in Tokyo please) or even online retailers that stock Timbuk2 laptop bags? Amazon.co.jp doesn't really seem to carry the laptop messengers, just the regular ones.

Also welcome: suggestions of other decent bags I could buy here in Japan.

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I'm working from memory here, but I'm pretty sure the Ginza Apple store has the messenger bags.

I have a Lagasha brand bag that I pretty much can't be separated from that I got at Takashimaya in Shinjuku (Maybe 5th or 6th floor). Before that I had an inCase bag that I really dug until it wore out, but I don't know where I bought it.

Otherwise I'd recomend Cat Street, Harajuku for messenger bags. Or if you're looking for cheaper, Floor 1A Shibuya Hands store has decent bags.
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If you're hell bent and can't find anything you really love, timbuk2 will ship internationally for about $50 more monies, which allows you to do the custom bag thing they're so famous for. I'd still call first, just to be certain. Their customer service is top notch.
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I'm nearly positive that Tokyu Hands has them. I'd suggest going to the one in Shinjuku (I once went to Tokyu Hands at LaLaPort and was seriously underwhelmed with it, compared with the Shinjuku shop).

Here's a map to the Shinjuku location.

On another note, I had a Timbuk2 bag for a couple years, and even used one when I was an exchange student in Kyoto. They are awesome, but I'll admit, I kind of bought it for the name. Make sure you check out all the different options out there, especially if you are going to use your bag while actually riding a bike.
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I second phaedrus441- I've seen them in Tokyu Hands, though I prefer the store in Shibuya to the one in Shinjuku. Ikebukuro is a close second, if only because of the Nekobukuro on the top floor.
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I would really recommend ebay. consider searching ebay.com as well as ebay.co.uk and look out for sellers that do international shipping. you should be able to get a very decent deal this way on most of the timbuk2 bags. I did this myself not too long ago.
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I also saw them at Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku. You'll pay a premium but if that's the bag you need you can get it there.
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on the topic of other good messenger bags, manhattan portage has a tokyo branch
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There's a shop is called Function Junction, it's a small shop but they were among the first to import Timbuk2 bags. They have a lot of choice. It's in shibuya, next to the tokyu hands near sentagai.
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Just a quick note-- right now Timbuk2 is having a big sale on their website. It might be worth buying it and having someone you know ship it over.

Sale Here
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