Using laptop a sa second monitor, free software?
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Are there free alternatives to Maxivista software for using laptop as a second monitor?

The laptop in question is an older model running Windows 98. So whatever software is suggested has to be able to support that OS.

Also, I plan to use the laptop/monitor for games too, mainly Microsoft Flight Simulator.

I can hook one more monitor up to my desktop computer, so if it were between paying $30 on maxivista or spending 30-50 on a monitor I would choose the latter.
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Synergy works as a KVM - without the M(onitor). It uses one machine's keyboard and mouse for multiple machines.

Maxivista allows a second machine to function as a second monitor, as if with an additional video card.
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you are right. I stand corrected.

A little googling found this other (perhaps not as polished) alternative to MaxiVista

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Response by poster: pdxpatzer:
thanks for the link, I knew about zonescreen but I thought it only worked on XP. It appears there are windows 98 builds.
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