MAC moisturizer mix up
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I just ordered makeup from MAC and picked studio moisture fix instead of studio moisture cream. what's the difference between the two?

i have amazingly dry and break out prone skin. cetaphil with the MAC studio moisture cream keeps it under control. when i was ordering, i guess i just wasn't paying attention (silly glass of wine) and clicked the wrong thing. do these products do different things? all the descriptions on the website and reviews are a tad vague, and no one compares them.

if it's important, i don't wear makeup ever and i'm 26.

if the fix won't work as a substitute, can i return things i bought online to a retail store? i've opened the box, but i haven't opened the moisturizer.
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I'm not sure about the difference between the two as I've only ever used the cream, but you can definitely return things to MAC even if you've already opened the box. You'll have to eat the shipping cost, but they'll refund the cost of the product. I think their return info is here. I think they'll even refund you if you've tried the product and didn't like it. You just have to send the unused part back.
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Their return policy is vague and I think you might not be able to return it to a store. However, I highly recommend emailing their online customer service department - they've helped me a lot in the past with orders and let me keep a lipliner for free when they sent me the wrong one (however, that error was on their end and I'm not sure if they'd be so accommodating in this particular situation).

I don't use their moisturizers, but if you don't find your answers here Specktra is a fantastic resource for MAC info.
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Oh, I see you wanted to return it to the actual physical store. Sorry, I don't know about that (I should have read your question more carefully).
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The mavens at Makeup Alley should be able to tell you about the differences, either in your reading of the reviews on the product or if you post a question. You may have to register, but it is free.
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I've used both the moisture cream and moisture fix. The moisture fix is a lighter formula and I didn't find it to be moisturizing enough for my dry skin. I think it's probably water-based (vs the cream, which is most likely oil-based).
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