Need Audigy Adapter
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Need to find an Audigy 2 ZS notebook adapter cord

I bought a used Audigy 2 ZS pcmcia card for (very) little money and it didn't come with the normally included adapter. You can see it in this picture. Creative seems uninterested in answering my query seeing how I'm neither a registered purchaser nor is this still a supported product and I can't seem to find any secondary market for this component. Any ideas? Hell, this could be a more common cord that I'm just clueless about, if people know offhand what exactly it is, that'd be great too.
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I'll sell you mine, which is in excellent condition, for the fair sum of $500.
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I'd love to find some technical details about the modern connectors found on laptops, ipods and mobile phones. It seems like they are completely proprietary, but I'm sure they aren't. It isn't as easy as it used to be with Dsub, and Mini-DIN, and such..
Bonus points if anyone looking at this can tell me what a Mini-DIN like plug with 4 large power handling pins is called. I have an LCD that needs one.. I've seen power bricks for mobile hard drive enclosures that use the same kind of plug, so it must be a standard part

I think solving your particular problem will be hard.. Perhaps your best bet is a bit of hand soldering combined with JB-weld? The 'dongle' would be permanently attached to the PCMCIA card, but at least you'd be able to use it.
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Answered my own derail-question.. Wikipedia calls them "Snap and Lock".
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