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Can anyone recommend a good piano tuner near Toronto?

There's an upright piano (not too old, probably about 20 years) at my mom's place that hasn't been tuned in about 7 years. Does anyone know of any tuners in the GTA who can make it sound decent again for not too much money? Thanks!
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Best answer: If a piano hasn't been tuned in several years, it will probably need multiple tunings to get the job done properly and without damage to the piano. This will probably be impossible to do inexpensively. Good luck, though.
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Response by poster: Yup, I've called around and you're more or less right. I'm going to need to get a double tuning — so, a pitch raise and a regular tuning in one go, and then subsequent tunings to get it back to A440. However, all that matters right now is that the piano gets in tune with itself, and a double tuning will be ~$200, which isn't terribly inexpensive. Thanks!
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