Help me make sense of small businss tax forms!
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Starting a small, part-time, home-based eBay business in New York. What are the implications of registering for a Sale & Use Tax certificate?

It looks like I'm going to need this certificate (DTF-17, I believe) before I deal with most wholesalers. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the purpose/implications of all these wonky tax forms, especially the "sales & use" tax. Could somebody possibly explain this one to me in my right-brained kind of English? What will it mean once tax time rolls around in April?

Unfortunately, I was not born with a gift for this kind of stuff, and I envy all of you who were. So thanks in advance for your big brains!
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Response by poster: I'd like to amend my question by saying that I'll be focusing on the sale of clothing. I believe that may qualify for some kind of exemption under a certain sale price. Yah?
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