List of new businesses in CO...should I fork over the dough or keep looking?
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I need a list of new businesses/incorporations in Colorado. Is buying one my only option?

I'm working on a project that requires an up-to-date list of the newest business filings in Colorado. I'm trying to harness Google in my hunt for such a list, but my luck seems to be failing me. Hours of exhaustive searching have only yielded direct mail companies that want money for a list of new business filings and incorporations.

I've used the Secretary of State's business database search, but it times out and won't return the information I need.

Anyone have ideas for alternative ways to find out about new business filings in Colorado, or should I suck it up and pay for one? If I do end up forking over some cash, can you recommend a reputable vendor?
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I am pretty sure Dun & Bradstreet does this. I think most, if not all, new companies file for a DNB number through them for credit purposes, so they probably have an expansive and up-to-date list. When my boss formed another new company we were inundated with random sales calls, so I know they sell the info. Don't know the cost (probably pretty high), but it is a reputable vendor.
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Best answer: Call the Secretary of State's office. New corporate filings are public records and are likely to be available at a nominal or modest charge in bulk from them. However, what they give may well be in an antiquated mainframe database format and on some nasty mainframe storage medium. A couple of years ago a friend ordered a public-records data set from a different state and got it in reel-to-reel magnetic tape!
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I called the Secretary of State and they will send me a weekly list for just $200 annually. Not too shabby!
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