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What's the best way to learn Flash/Flex? Books? Certificate program? Online tutorials? My goal is to make fun games/rich apps and websites.
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Someone just asked about Flash last week, if that helps.
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There seem to be two approaches in learning to create Flash applications. One is to learn the Flash design tool and utilize Actionscript when necessary to create the interactivity you require. This approach is popular with people who come from a design background and do not consider themselves programmers. The other is to just learn Actionscript and ignore the Flash authoring tool entirely.

I chose the latter method and would recommend it if you have any kind of programming background. The principle resources I used were Colin Moock's Essential Actionscript 3.0 and Adobe's online reference and tutorials. I started learning at the beginning of this year with no prior Flash experience and released my first complete game by May.

I don't have any experience with Flex, though.
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JaredSeth, thanks for the link to the last question. Can't believe I missed that (I promise I looked!).

justKevin, thanks for the info and congrats on your first game!
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